How do holiday closures affect payroll processing, check dates and/or delivery?

How do holiday closures affect payroll processing, check dates and/or delivery?

We follow the bank holiday rule for holiday closures – either pushing a day PAST regularly scheduled check date or making the check date a day EARLIER than usual.  If the company will be open or closed for the holiday, the day before and after will be chosen for live check delivery. Other options include manual checks or same day pick up.

Here’s an example involving Thanksgiving. The holiday is always on Thursday with most companies also taking Friday off.  We ask the company to send in payroll on Monday or Tuesday if they want checks dated and delivered by Wednesday before the holiday. If they still want Friday delivery and check date, we ask they submit Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for Friday check date, whatever is convenient for them.  Some companies may still want Friday check even though they will be closed.  If they have paper delivery, that would be delivered on Monday.

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