How to set up Employee Self-Service - Reference Guide

How to set up Employee Self-Service - Reference Guide

Employee Self-Service Initial Email
Your employer will initiate a system-generated email to you upon the activation of Employee Self-Service. This email is from a no-reply email address. Here is what it will look like:

You must click on the link provided in the email. The User Name is the email address provided or given to you by your employer which is usually your work email address. A personal email address may be used. Whichever email address is provided in the email will be your user name each time you log into Employee Self-Service. 

Your one-time authorization code for your initial sign-on is the last four digits of your SSN.

Employee Self-Service Initial Sign-on
Once you click on the link provided, the User Name and Client Code will be pre-filled. 

  1. You must add your Authorization Pin number (the last 4 digits of your SSN).
  2. Create and confirm a Password.
  3. Please ensure that passwords are a minimum of 12 characters (at least one lower case alpha [a-z], one upper case alpha [A-Z], one numeric [0-9], and one special character. Spaces are allowed to support the use of easier-to-remember passphrases. Your password will not expire.
  4. You then must select a challenge question/answer confirm your answer.
  5. It is best to add your cell phone number in order to receive text messages if you are accessing your Employee Self-Service from a different IP address.

First Time Log-in
Once you click on Continue from the initial New User Account Setup, it will log you into Employee Self-Service. Depending on the roles set up for you by your employer, your screen could have one, two, or more subjects listed on the left side menu. Here is an example:

Pay History
Pay History is a record of each check stub available in iSolved. The history at the top of the page is by year and check date. It includes “Gross Pay,” “Total Hours,” “Net Pay,” “Check or Voucher Number,” “Check Amount,” “Description” and “Payroll Run #.” 

In order to see more Pay History, use the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the menu, or change the Year in the drop-down box. 
The screen default will be a view of your most current pay stub. The top of the pay stub is a summary of dates and employee information, including withholding status. 

The next section contains Earnings or Memos, Deductions and Taxes. These figures include the current pay hours or dollars and the YTD hours or dollars. It also includes the current and taxable wages in the Tax section for each type of tax listed.

You are able to view or print your pay stub in a .pdf version by clicking on the View/Print Pay Stub on the blue action line. 

This copy can be used for your records or as proof of income.

W2/ACA/1099 Forms
W2/ACA/1099 Forms can be used to obtain a .PDF copy of either your W2, ACA 1095 Form or a 1099 Form, if applicable. The Tax Year will appear, and when selected, you can view the PDF version and print if needed.

  1. Forms will be available for any years that iSolved produced the forms.
  2. Employee Self-Service will not normally post the current year form until near or after the deadline (January 31st)
  3. You will receive a physical copy of the forms from your employer.

***After the initial login the website to use is