How to verify HSA employer contributions and make changes/additions.

How to verify HSA employer contributions and make changes/additions.

This information can be verified at any time if you go to Payroll Processing > Close Pay Period. Click on the Preview Payroll box and on the down arrow, select Payroll Register and Go.  You can view each individual entry per employee, a total at the bottom of the register and a list of Third Party Payments following the totals page of the register.  

To make changes or additions to your Employer Contribution, go to Employee Management > Memo Calculations > Click on the HSA ER code and to the right enter the amount.  To make changes or additions to employee contributions, same area, go to Deductions.  Click on the HSA pre-tax and enter an amount to the right. 

To enter a direct deposit account number, under the amount area, towards the bottom is Payee: HSA 125.  All you need to do is enter the account number and select checking.  The routing number is the same and hardcoded for all employees.

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